Church view, Trimdon station, TS29 6FG

Church view is a street located in Trimdon station, with a postcode of TS29 6FG. There have been 12 property transactions in this postcode since 1995, with 12 unique properties. The most common property type in this street is terrace. The most recent sale was on Friday, 14 July 2017 at 1 Church view which sold for £79667. The average broadband download speed is 172.80 mbps. There are 10 nearby bus stops and 2 nearby schools. TS29 6FG postcode was first in introduced in June 2017. TS29 6FG is located within the Durham and Bishop Auckland Travel To Work Area. NHS Services in this postcode are provided by the County Durham Primary Care Trust. TS29 6FG is located within the Parsh / community of Trimdon Foundry. The 2011 Census Output Area for this postcode is classified as 'Rural residents, Ageing rural dwellers, Renting rural retirement'. TS29 6FG has an Index of Multiple Deprivation of 4275.

Census 2021

Data shown is for the 2021 Census Output Area for TS29 6FG

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Internet Speeds

Internet speeds available via a landline, cable or FTTP

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ONS Codes

Country England E92000001
Electoral Division Trimdon and Thornley E05009086
Local Authority District County Durham E06000047
Parish or Community Trimdon Foundry E04010705
Urban/Rural Indicator (England/Wales) Rural town and fringe D1
NHS Region North East and Yorkshire E40000009
Region North East E12000001
Constituency Sedgefield E14000915
Travel To Work Area Durham and Bishop Auckland E30000203
Primary Care Trust County Durham E16000085
Census 2011 LSOA County Durham 040E E01020792
Census 2011 MSOA Easington 012 E02004331
Builtup Area Trimdon Colliery BUA E34000678
Builtup Area Sub Division (pseudo) England (not covered) E35999999
Clinical Commissioning Group NHS County Durham CCG E38000234
Police Force Area Durham E23000008
Cancer Alliance Northern E56000029
Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STP) Cumbria and North East E54000050
Local Learning And Skills Region County Durham E24000019
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Source: Office for National Statistics licensed under the Open Government Licence v.3.0


Latitude 54.718618
Longitude -1.411829
Easting 437987
Northing 536115

Bus Stops

Stop Name Location Distance
Church Trimdon Colliery 0.01 Miles
Margaret Terrace Deaf Hill 0.14 Miles
Luke Street Trimdon Colliery 0.15 Miles
Langdale Oval Trimdon Colliery 0.16 Miles
Miners Institute Trimdon Station 0.18 Miles
Estate - Shop Deaf Hill 0.26 Miles
St Aidans Terrace Deaf Hill 0.29 Miles
Wingate Road-Emerald Cottage Deaf Hill 0.30 Miles
Coffee Pot Trimdon Station 0.30 Miles
Nattress Terrace Deaf Hill 0.32 Miles
Source: NaPTAN. This data is licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.


School Name Distance
Deaf Hill Primary School 0.25 Miles
Wellfield School 1.65 Miles
Source : 'Get information about schools' - This data is licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.