Kingston upon Thames KT20 postcodes

The KT20 postcode covers the Tadworth, Epsom downs, Burgh heath, Kingswood, Lower kingswood and Walton on the hill areas.

KT20 5BB KT20 5BF KT20 5BQ KT20 5ED KT20 5EJ KT20 5FA KT20 5FB KT20 5FE KT20 5FF KT20 5FG KT20 5FH KT20 5FJ KT20 5FL KT20 5FN KT20 5FP KT20 5FQ KT20 5FR KT20 5FS KT20 5HT KT20 5LH KT20 5LU KT20 5NU KT20 5PX KT20 5SJ KT20 6AD KT20 6AE KT20 6AN KT20 6AX KT20 6DF KT20 6DH KT20 6EX KT20 6HF KT20 6JP KT20 6JR KT20 6UY KT20 7AE KT20 7AG KT20 7AN KT20 7EL KT20 7JA KT20 7JD KT20 7JY